Try Lyrebird’s voice cloning and text-to-speech software

Lyrebird has made a free software tool for voice cloning and text to speech. On Lyrebird’s website you can speak your own voice in English by reading a series of sentences in English. All of these sentences are stored in a data set that is used to train Lyrebird’s artificial intelligence. After a few minutes of training, Lyrebird’s artificial intelligence can generate your very own digital voice. You can then write new sentences with words you have not entered, which will then be read with your own digital voice.

In the video below, the journalist, for example, calls his own mother where he plays his digital voice from Lyrebird to see if she can hear the difference between the digital voice and his correct voice.

Lyrebird • Ultra-Realistic Voice Cloning and Text-to-Speech

I see many good business opportunities in using this type of artificial intelligence: text-to-speech or speech-to-speech software. For example, you could create a customer service robot with its own digital voice, which itself accepts calls and text messages when you are busy working. You could also use this technology in computer games, for example, to make a digital voice for its character at the start of the game.